The Dayton Motorcycle Club was founded in 1910, making it one of the oldest clubs in the country. It's purpose is to help promote the sport of motorcycling, defend and protect the rights of motorcyclists and lend a helping hand whenever possible. Also to create a pleasant and enduring social bond and friendship among its members.


The Dayton Motorcycle Club promotes motorcycling thru various ways, mainly thru promoting motorcycle events and helping other events and charities in the Dayton area.


Motorcycling has seen many changes over the years and the DMC has rolled right along with them. We have all types and brands of motorcycles in our club, many different kinds of riders, road riders, vintage racers, motocross, enduro riders to name a few. From all types of riders to all types of bikes we pretty much cover them all.


If you are interested in any more information about the DMC, our regular meetings are every Wed. night at 8pm at the clubhouse on Stony Hollow Rd, guests and visitors are always welcome.